The Hot Room Long Beach is open for in-person classes with your safety in mind and continued social distancing measures in place (see below for our class procedures and safety protocols). We will continue to follow health and safety recommendations outlined by the CDC and Los Angeles County as they develop.

We will continue to offer virtual yoga for the majority of classes while there is still a demand for them. We will also continue to hold packages and memberships as requested. Please email Nicole regarding any membership questions.

For those of you that we haven’t seen in recent months, we hope you have been finding ways to take care of yourself during the pandemic. We are here to guide you back into your practice and support your health and wellness goals!

***Introducing NEW Class Times and Schedule Change***

Schedule Change:
Starting 4/26/21, 6:00am classes (Monday – Friday) will change to a 5:50am start time.

NEW Classes Added:
+  Mondays, 7:45am – 45 minute Hot Pilates – Starting 5/3/21
+  Thursdays, 4:30pm – 60 minute Hot Fusion – Starting 4/29/21
+  Fridays, 4:30pm – 75 minute Hot Yoga – Starting 4/30/21
+  Saturdays, 4:00pm – 60 minute Hot Yoga Express – Starting 5/1/21
+  Sundays. 4:00pm – 60 minute Hot Yoga Express – Starting 5/2/21

***Join the 30 Day Challenge April 26 – May 25***

30 classes, 30 days, it’s that simple, but definitely not easy. Now that we’re back, it’s time to be proactive about our health again. Consistency is the key to seeing results, so challenge yourself to show up 30 days in a row. Sometimes discipline has to proceed motivation, so make the commitment to yourself to show up and do the work and you will see the results!


  • +  Limited class size with 6 feet markers set between mats.
  • +  You MUST pre-register for class, no walk-ins allowed.
  • +  Bathrooms are open, but showers are temporarily closed.
  • +  Studio lobby will open 10 minutes before and after class. Please do not arrive any earlier, as we need time to properly sanitize the room.
  • +  Masks must be worn at all times off the yoga mat, before and after class.
  • +  Towel and mat rentals will be temporarily unavailable.
  • +  Water is for sale, but our water dispenser is closed for now. I hope to be able to install a touchless fountain in the future.


What we are doing:

  • +  Fully sanitizing the yoga room floor between every class and wiping down frequently touched surfaces.
  • +  Excellent ventilation in the yoga room with fresh air constantly being brought in as well as a UV filter to sanitize recirculated air.


Grab a heater and humidifier if you have them, your mat and towel, and follow along to the dialogue from your favorite teachers from your home.


1. Book your class online at least 10 minutes before the start of class. You can use your current package or purchase a virtual membership through MINDBODY.

2. Download the Zoom app or pull it up on your computer browser.

3. 10 minutes before class starts, you will receive an email with the link to access the class. Make sure you have the correct email on your MIND BODY account as that is where the email will be sent.

4. Enjoy class! Have your area set up and leave the video on so your teacher can watch you practice and give feedback.

Sign up for a Live Virtual class!

If you do not have an active membership, you can purchase one of our Virtual only packages:

Virtual Class – Drop-in – $8
Virtual Class – Monthly Unlimited – $45


More About The Hot Room, Long Beach:

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* New students MUST arrive 15 minutes before scheduled class time on first in-studio visit *